5 Great Reasons to Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

There are few first-impression calling cards as effective as a brilliantly white smile. Just the knowledge that your teeth look great is often enough to boost your confidence and give you that extra edge, whether you’re dating, working, or simply feeling better about yourself.

A short walk down the dental care aisle of your local pharmacy shows that whiter teeth are a priority for many. There are hundreds of available options to help you get a brighter smile. However, because these are consumer grade products, their formulations are conservative, designed to prevent tooth damage as much as to whiten teeth.

The fact is that whitening methods can be risky in the hands of the uninformed. The caregivers at Wellness Dental are teeth whitening professionals, trained to use whitening techniques and procedures that far exceed the results available from home whitening products. Here are five reasons you should consider leaving the brightness of your smile to the pros at any of our Wellness Dental locations.

Look younger

Tooth discoloration is a natural result of aging. Dentin, the inner tissue of your teeth, typically gets more yellow as you get older, and since the outer enamel layer is translucent, this results in a dulling down of your smile. However, that’s not the only whiteness battle your teeth face.

Coffee, red wine, smoking, other food, drink, and activities create staining and discoloration of their own. Professional teeth whitening often produces results that significantly brighten your teeth, shaving years off your appearance.

Custom whitening

Home whitening kits use strips or generic trays that are prone to slippage and poor fitting. Even the formulations of the active whiteners must be targeted to a one-size-fits-all approach. Your teeth whitening needs are unique, though, as is the shape and arrangement of your teeth.

Professional whitening uses procedures chosen to meet your needs. Wellness Dental can even make custom whitening molds fitted only for you.

Special occasions

If you’re graduating, getting married, or even attending a high school reunion, you can be photo-ready with a dazzling smile in about an hour with a professional whitening treatment. Home remedies may take weeks or months to produce noticeable results.

With professional whitening, you can leave your Wellness Dental office ready to show the world the new, brighter you. Whiter teeth are perhaps the best bang-for-your-buck cosmetic investments you can make in yourself.

Dental milestones

Have you recently finished orthodontics? You may notice uneven coloration on your teeth, since braces in place for years will block the effects of staining. Treating yourself to professional whitening after the braces come off is a fantastic way to showcase your new smile.

Similarly, if you’ve recently quit smoking, congratulations! It’s time for a professional whitening to counteract the staining effects of nicotine. You’re going to feel better, so it’s time to look better too.

First impressions

Some first impressions are more significant than others. With the excitement and nerves that accompany a first date, you want everything to be perfect. A fast, easy, and effective teeth whitening treatment is one less thing to worry about. No matter how awkward you may feel in the moment, your brilliant smile is there to count on.

The same holds true for a job interview. When hiring often comes down to how the interviewer feels, having a bright smile may provide a subtle boost to your chances.

You’ll likely have your own reasons for whiter teeth, and no matter what they are, a professional whitening with one of the specialists at Wellness Dental is the safest, fastest way to a Hollywood smile. Call or click to make an appointment today at one of our locations in Chandler, Mesa, Peoria, & Phoenix, Arizona.

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