6 Smile Flaws Corrected by Veneers

Your smile is often the first thing people see and if you’re hiding that smile because of cosmetic flaws, it may be the right time to consider veneers. Whether you have chipped, broken, or discolored teeth, veneers are a simple, effective solution to common cosmetic flaws affecting your smile.

An overview of veneers

Veneers are thin layers made of porcelain or composite resin your Wellness Dental provider applies over your natural teeth. They are a noninvasive treatment option you can choose to correct a number of common smile flaws that may be affecting your self-confidence. These flaws include:


If your smile is less than white and bright, veneers can help. This treatment option gives your teeth an instant makeover, with whiter teeth that still look natural.

Veneers can easily cover teeth that have been discolored by:

You won’t have to waste your time and money on ineffective whitening products or live with the embarrassment of unattractive, yellow, or stained teeth.

Another advantage of using veneers to enhance your smile, it their stain resistance capability. With proper care, your veneers will stay white and bright for years.

Teeth gaps

If your smile is affected by gaps, veneers can quickly cover these spaces to give you a full, even smile without the need for braces or other corrective orthodontics.

Veneers are shaped to resemble your other teeth, ensuring natural-looking results.

Chipped or broken teeth

If you bite down on something hard and discover a piece of your tooth has broken off, you may worry about how it can be repaired.

Your Wellness Dental provider can recommend several options to restore your smile, depending on the severity of the break. In many cases, veneers are highly effective at restoring the appearance and strength of teeth with minor cracks and chips.

Worn down teeth

If you tend to clench your teeth throughout the day or grind them while you sleep, your teeth may be worn down, appearing uneven and becoming structurally weak.

Veneers can not only improve the shape and appearance of worn down teeth, they can also provide you with more stability for biting and chewing food.

Irregularly-shaped teeth

If you have teeth that are shorter or sized differently from the rest, your Wellness Dental provider can use veneers to create a well-balanced, healthier-looking smile.

Crooked teeth

If you have a few teeth that turn inward or appear crooked when compared to your other teeth, veneers can cover up these misalignments instantly.

Veneers transform crooked teeth without the need for complicated orthodontics and years of treatment. Your Wellness Dental provider can create a uniform, natural look with either composite resin or porcelain veneers.

Long-term satisfaction

Not only are veneers effective at dramatically enhancing your smile, this noninvasive treatment provides long-lasting results.

With proper care and regular dental visits, veneers can last for a lifetime.

If you think veneers may be right for you, schedule your consultation at any of our four Wellness Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry locations today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

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