Cosmetic Dentistry 101: Your Questions Answered

As first impressions go, your teeth are front and center, making an incredibly important contribution to your overall appearance. Indeed, the winning smile that lights up a room relies almost completely on pearly whites that line up in perfect order.

Sadly, few of us are born with Hollywood teeth, most notably, all of those actors in Hollywood. To make up for what Mother Nature didn’t provide, we’re able to provide effective and transformative solutions, helping people of all ages grin from ear to ear with perfectly straight, white teeth.

Here at Wellness Dental, we provide a host of cosmetic services to our clients at each of our four locations in Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, and Peoria, Arizona. In fact, we believe that good dentistry often includes cosmetic services that replace lost teeth, straighten your bite, and provide you with a mouth full of teeth you’ll want to take better care of.

To give you an idea of the things we can do to brighten your smile, we’ve pulled together this Cosmetic Dentistry 101 article to answer all (well, most) your questions.

Whiten up

One of the easiest ways to transform your smile is through a professional teeth whitening treatment. We use a professional-grade bleach and special light to whiten your teeth by several shades in under an hour. This process is safe, immediate, and delivers an incredible bang for your dental buck.

Cover it up

If you want to do one better than a simple whitening in order to cover up minor imperfections like chips and gaps, veneers are a great option. We place these wafer-thin shells over the fronts of your teeth, providing you with a new facade that makes your teeth seem whiter, straighter, and more evenly spaced.

Straighten up

Let’s face it, the road to straighter teeth hasn’t always been easy, paved with unsightly metal as it was. Now, we can straighten your teeth in less time, and no one will be the wiser. With Invisalign® clear plastic aligners, we can reposition your teeth gradually, just as metal braces do, without advertising the fact. The aligners can also be taken out when you eat or clean your teeth, so when you’re done with the straightening process, you’ve got clean, white teeth, which line up perfectly.

Fill it in

Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern. If you have a missing tooth (or teeth) and you don’t do anything about it, you’re endangering the health of your existing teeth. With a missing tooth, you begin to experience bone loss in your jaw, which can shift your surrounding teeth. For this reason, we offer several solutions to help you replace your teeth, including dental implants, bridges, and dentures. These options allow you to maintain your dental health and continue to smile with confidence.

Camouflage it

Believe it or not, even our routine dental care to preserve your teeth can add to your smile in many ways. Simple cavities can be filled in with a tooth-colored filling, stopping the decay and hiding the evidence. Crowns offer a great way to preserve your teeth by offering them an attractive and functional cover.

Clean it up

One of the best tools we provide in the battle for cleaner, whiter, healthier teeth is our professional cleaning service. If you keep up with your professional cleanings twice a year, as well as your at-home care, you can maintain healthy, whiter teeth for years to come. This is especially true if you’ve had any cosmetic dentistry. There’s no better protection of your investment than a thorough cleaning and polish at our offices.

If you’d like to explore cosmetic dentistry further, we invite you to call us or use the online form to schedule a consultation.

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