Due for a Dental Checkup? Why You Should Go Now

People used to think of dentists as professionals who focused mainly on fixing rather than preventing problems with teeth. We certainly still work at correcting misaligned bites, tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues that threaten your oral health, and sometimes even your overall health.

Advances in dental technology, technique, and material have greatly advanced our ability to do that. At Wellness Dental in Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, and Peoria, Arizona, we use new and innovative treatments, such as dental implants, as well as tried-and-true methods of dentistry to successfully restore you smile.  

However, one of our main goals is to prevent or catch problems early, when they’re still very easy to treat. Dental checkups make that possible. We can spot an issue long before pain signals your need for a dentist and take steps to fix the current issue and protect your future oral health.

If you’re still not convinced, read on to discover why we recommend you not put off your routine dental checkup.        

Your dental checkups help us correct tooth decay before it hurts

By the time you’re feeling pain from a cavity, your tooth decay has progressed through your outer protective enamel to the soft, living tissue beneath.

During a dental checkup, even a soft shadow or slight discoloration on a tooth (often white or tan) can alert us to a weak area where acid-producing bacteria are making progress at dissolving your enamel. This is the earliest form of decay.

When we catch decay at this point, we can recommend relatively simple treatments that often halt or reverse the issue, such as a professional-grade cleaning and polishing followed by fluoride applications to strengthen the enamel.

Your dental checkups can uncover hidden problems

It’s difficult, often impossible, for you to get a comprehensive look at your molars or the backs of your front teeth. We can spot even tiny cracks or chips, cavities, and other abnormalities during a dental checkup.

We also use X-rays when appropriate to check the health of tooth structures under your gum line or monitor for decay between your teeth.

Your dental checkups give us a chance to look for early signs of gum disease

Gum disease is a progressive condition that can eventually lead to tooth loss, destruction of bone in your jaw, and systemic infections that may affect your heart health. Healthy gums fit snugly against your teeth and help prevent decay-causing bacteria from finding a home under your gum line.

Part of your oral checkup at Wellness Dental includes a careful evaluation of your gums for warning signs like redness and inflammation that may indicate gingivitis. This is the earliest stage of gum disease and is easily treated with professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup, proper brushing and flossing at home, and possibly a rinse that helps remove plaque.

Your dental checkups can ease fears about potentially serious health concerns

Your dental checkup at Wellness Dental includes a thorough evaluation for oral cancer. This includes an examination of your jaw, the sides of your neck, and the insides of your lips and cheeks. You can also expect your dentist to examine your tongue as well as the floor and roof of your mouth for small sores or other tissue irregularities.

We also extensively review your medical history and the medicines you take regularly so we’re aware of conditions, such as diabetes, that may affect your dental treatments and oral health.

A dental checkup only takes about an hour and can significantly decrease the discomfort as well as the expense of dealing with progressive dental issues. Don’t put it off, schedule your checkup today at Wellness Dental.

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