Wellness Dental is Arizona’s only Click-Tight® Dental Provider

Click Tight Implant Denture

Do you have a problem with loose fitting or uncomfortable dentures?  Are you nervous to eat or speak in front of others for fear your dentures will move?  Are you looking for a better solution?

Wellness Dental is the only dental provider in Arizona with the trademarked dental implant solution for denture wearers called the Click-Tight® system.  This unique system of implant and denture connectors lives up to its name.  The denture clicks into place on the dental implant attachments and holds tightly in place.

What are Click-Tight® Dentures?

Dentures replace missing teeth, either all of the upper or all of the lower teeth.  Traditional dentures rest directly on the gums of the upper or lower jaw and require muscle control and/or a suction effect to stay in place.  This works well for some people.  Others cannot achieve the suction or muscle control necessary to keep the dentures in place and suffer from looseness, sore spots, and poor chewing function.

Click-Tight® dentures use dental implants to create a solid attachment directly into the jawbone.  Dental implants anchor in the bone itself, and a connector attachment extends out of the gums.  Then, the trademarked Click-Tight® dentures contain an internal connection that locks the denture into place on the dental implants. 

The attachment between the denture and the dental implant prevents loosening of the denture during eating, speaking and laughing.

Who Needs Click-Tight® Dentures?

Anyone who needs or already wears dentures would benefit from the Click-Tight® system.  Specific examples of people who should consider this amazing dental implant solution are those who already wear dentures but have problems with them.

Click-Tight® dentures are also a great solution for patients who need to have all of their teeth extracted and do not want to wear traditional dentures for any length of time.  To rule out the possibility of dealing with a loose, embarrassing denture, you can go directly from teeth extractions to Click-Tight® dentures.  Ask about our same-day options.

What are the Benefits of Click-Tight® Dentures?

The secure connection created between Click-Tight® dentures and the dental implant anchors provide countless benefits.  Here are just a few.

No Movement

Our Click-Tight® system gives you a denture solution that is directly connected to your jaw bone through the dental implants.  The stability of the implants in the bone provide stability for the denture itself.  There is no risk of knocking the denture loose by biting the wrong way, speaking a certain sound, or opening wide for a big laugh.

Better Facial Contours

Did you know that it is possible to tell when people wear dentures, even when their mouths are closed?  Many traditional dentures require long, bulky extensions of the pink acrylic “gum” material out underneath the lips and into the cheeks to provide stability.  With Click-Tight® dentures, the stability comes from the dental implants, so these bulky extensions are not necessary.  This means the denture acrylic can be very minimal, not altering the contours of your face.

Healthier Jaws

The purpose of your jaw bones is to hold teeth.  Without teeth, the bones begin to deteriorate.  A shrinking jaw bone leads to air gaps between the denture and the gums, causing looseness, sore spots, and a poor fit.

Dental implants actually “trick” the jaw bone.  The bone responds to dental implants exactly the same way it responds to natural teeth, so dental implants prevent the bone from shrinking.  This leads to stronger, healthier jaw bones over your lifetime!

Better Chewing Ability

One of the most common complaints we hear from traditional denture wearers is that they cannot chew their food very well.  They miss eating their favorite foods.  The solid, stable attachment between Click-Tight® dentures and the jaw bone recreates the correct amount of chewing force necessary to eat a normal, healthy diet.  The dental implants supporting the denture actually increase the amount of force you can generate with Click-Tight® dentures versus traditional dentures.

If you are missing your favorite hamburger or a good steak every once in a while, it is time to consider Click-Tight® dentures.

Are Click-Tight® Dentures Right for You?

There is only one way to find out!  Call your nearest Wellness Dental location to schedule a consultation with our dental implant experts.  Wellness Dental is Arizona’s ONLY provider for Click-Tight® dentures.

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