When to Consider Dental Implants Instead of Dentures

According to the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), over 36 million people in this country do not have any teeth at all. Furthermore, approximately 120 million people are missing at least one of their teeth. These numbers are astounding and indicate the prevalence of this common condition.

Dealing with the stigma

Often, people with one or more missing teeth are assumed to have poor dental health. This may certainly be true in some cases, but the reality is that people can lose teeth for a wide variety of other reasons, including but not limited to:

People who do have one or more missing teeth may also be ashamed and embarrassed. They may avoid social situations because they are simply too self-conscious. In some cases, they may even experience anxiety and depression because of the stigma attached to having missing teeth.

Such is the power and allure of the smile and the toothy grin that people who cannot present all of their teeth often feel negative about themselves and their situation. Here at Wellness Dental, we aim to fix all of that. We can provide a solution to your missing teeth and help you regain your lost confidence and self-esteem!

Are dentures or dental implants best for you?

These days, modern dental technology provides some excellent solutions for people who want to replace their missing teeth. Dentures are an affordable method of replacing some or all missing teeth. They are commonly made from a high-grade acrylic and fit neatly in the mouth. The replacement teeth attached to them are color matched to suit existing teeth in the mouth and look just like natural teeth.

Dentures offer the following advantages:

All things considered, dentures provide a quick fix for missing teeth and are excellent for many people. The biggest downside to dentures is that they do need occasional repairs or modifications, and they can also wobble and become loose. In this sense, they are not necessarily a long-lasting solution.

Dental implants have become more popular as more people are seeing their distinct advantages over dentures. Titanium screws are installed into the jawbone. After this, specially fabricated, natural-looking teeth are then attached to the tops of the screws. Though there is more pain and a longer recovery time, dental implants offer the following benefits:

Many people choose dental implants over dentures because they are durable and feel just like regular teeth. These factors alone tend to provide people with a stronger sense of self-confidence.

We can fix your smile

If you really want a smile that looks and feels natural, dental implants may be an excellent option for you. If you’ve been suffering from anxiety because of your missing teeth, make an appointment at our Wellness Dental clinic at any of our Arizona-based locations. We can discuss your specific needs, your treatment goals, and your long-term plans.

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